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DHC Brew Kit Contest – Part 2

In the first post for the coffee contest, we reviewed flavor potential. That is how to get the most flavor out of your coffee by grinding before every use. Have a read here if you’re catching up. Basically, if you’re spending $22.00 for a pound of the best coffee around and pre grind it, you’re really missing out on what specialty coffee is all about. Have a read here on what Specialty Coffee is; showcases the effort that goes into each bean. Pretty crazy (in an amazing sort of way) if you think about it! So, freshly ground coffee is the point. How do you get it with you into the back country to support your day or multi-day adventure? Read on!
Grinding up some brazil for the morning stove top espresso Photo Credit: Tim Banfield

Day Trips and Multi-Day adventures

When it comes to bringing coffee with you on your adventure, the goal (other than awesome coffee), is to maintain flexibility with your equipment. This allows you to use the same equipment in many scenarios. Day trips at the crag, back-packing, even mountain biking all have the same considerations:
  • Weight of coffee brewing gear
  • Available space in your pack
  • Time (i.e., time spent on activity vs. downtime for a brew)
  • Number of people in your group
  • Price
Now, we’ve taken this into account for the contest kit… it should cover off as many activities as you dream of! It’s all small, lightweight and be taken pretty much anywhere. Oh yeah, and if you win… its free!

MSR Pocket Rocket

PocketRocket 2 Stove
MSR Pocket Rocket. Photo Credit: MEC
This thing weighs only 73 grams and fits into a carrying case. With the small canisters of fuel that can be crushed when they are empty and recycled, it’s a good, go anywhere proven little stove. It will also accommodate pots that will hold up to a couple of litres for car camping, or, work with a titanium french press for day cragging or multi-day back packing trips. I have one. It holds about 3/4 of a litre, and it rocks. You can even put this bad boy straight onto the stove. Super easy, light and very compact. See, now if you win the contest, you can go get one of these bad boys to round out your coffee kit!
Titanium French Press
Snow Peak Titanium French Press. Photo Credit: MEC

GSI Java Mill Hand Grinder

This little grinder is bang for your buck… pretty solid. There are better grinders out there, but not for the price, size, weight… etc. It’ll fit into your pack and you wont even notice. This little baby sort of removes the excuse of not grinding coffee fresh for your adventure! If you’re super weight conscious… put your beans in the grinder, and grind for use! It’ll hold enough for a couple of cups on the trail.
GSI Java Mill. Photo Credit: MEC


Aerobie Aeropress Espresso Coffee Maker
Aeropress. Photo Credit: MEC
This thing blows me away. makes a very good cup of coffee, easy to clean up, really repeatable and reliable, light weight, awesome… yeah, I’ll stop. If you haven’t tried coffee out of an aeropress give it a shot!  
Everything you need for day trip or back country fresh coffee! Photo Credit: Phillip Quade
Resealable zipper – utmost freshness! Photo Credit: Phillip Quade
One of the great things about the new bags that Devil’s Head Coffee is sold in is the increased level of freshness that can be attributed to the new re-sealable zipper construction. They are super durable and portable. Stuff it in your pack, it’ll take it in stride. Fresh coffee wherever you go! Just zip it up and squeeze out excess air to save space and preserve freshness! Next week, road trippin’ will be discussed, and don’t forget, the contest winner will be announced on May 1st, just in time for road trip season!   Much Love!  

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