Mobile Café

Elevate your Experience

Specialty Coffee for Your Event – Anywhere

Have you ever wanted a mobile café for your wedding, sporting event or corporate booking? We are a full service specialty café that can add something special to your event. Our menu is totally custom – We offer any espresso based drink, pour overs, or even roast small amounts of coffee at certain outdoor venues. Love of coffee is what we are all about and now we can share our in-house roasted specialty coffees with you anywhere! Our café is made right here in YYC out of yellow cedar fence boards, and raw steel. It’s built to showcase our coffees, and enhance your event!

Interested? Please, send us an email at

Some Considerations

Size: Our café is 8 feet long, and almost 3 feet wide. Please ensure there is enough space not only for the cart, but access to the event space. We typically do a walk through with you prior to the event to make sure it will fit, determine power requirements, and review general logistics to ensure it makes sense.

Please provide the following information:

Business or personal name,
Phone number and email,
Address and date of the event including duration and alternative date in case we are booked,
number of attendees, and what type of event you are booking us for