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Artisan, small batch hand roasted coffee in Calgary, Alberta.

COVID Safe Grand Opening!

Our brand new space is now officially open! We are now open from 8am-6pm to fuel your adventure any time of day. We have a grab n go style café with a small seating area that we sanitize frequently, please bring your mask. We have merchandise, beans and goodies all available for in-store purchase. Come grab a delicious Devil’s Head Coffee brew and say “Hi!”

We Do Free Home Deliveries!

Whether you’re working from home or just like the ease and convenience of getting your coffee delivered, we have you covered! We offer free home deliveries within Calgary and a small $3 delivery fee to areas outside of Calgary including Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie and Langdon. We are roasting and delivering fresh coffee right to your door every Tuesday-Thursday. Please, stay safe, and if you need good coffee, we have you covered.

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What makes us different?

We roast specialty coffees from all over the world. Our purpose as artisan roasters is to showcase quality coffee from various regions around the world and roast them so you can enjoy all the nuance that there is to offer. We also ensure that you have all the information on where the coffee comes from. Traceability is of the utmost importance in coffee to ensure you know exactly what you are purchasing, and where your hard earned dollars are going to. Each coffee growing family farm, cooperative and region has their own take on so many factors like the type of arabica that is suited to the local conditions, how they harvest, process and prepare the coffee. We roast, cup, roast again and again… All to bring you the best tasting coffee possible at the best price we can. We only roast fresh, to order. What does this mean? We NEVER have coffee just sitting around.

Always freshly roasted, just for you.

All of our coffees are traceable and we put every bit of information on our packaging so you can be confident you know where it is coming from!


Our Philosophy

We believe that good coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. Flavours should be easily identifiable, and we should be able to enjoy coffee without going through half a bag to dial it in at home. It should be versatile for all kinds of brew methods, and it should be delicious. We should know where our coffee comes from, and we should be able to get a nice bag of coffee without breaking the bank.

Our job at Devil’s Head Coffee is to find coffees that check all of these boxes so the only thing you need to think about is planning that next adventure.

We are a small Roasterie, and we pride ourselves on freshness, quality and education on how you can get the most out of our coffees. We have been inspired to create this company, and we hope to do the same for you by bringing something special to you and help fuel your adventure, and elevate your day.

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