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DHC Brew Kit Contest – Part 1

With this warm weather that’s rolling into the bow valley we’ve begun to think about  the upcoming roadtrip/outdoor adventure season. We at Devil’s Head Coffee have been receiving a lot of questions regarding some of the different ways to brew coffee to help fuel your adventures, whatever they may be. That’s one helluva a good topic to write a blog post on! Going to Skaha or Squamish for some spring crushing? What about crushing warm rock in the Ghost? Check it out below!
Chris Meginbir on the Wraith, 5.10a, start of pitch two, Ghost Wilderness Area

DHC Coffee Brew Kit Contest!!!

Devil’s Head Coffee is giving away a free road trip coffee brewing kit! This coffee kit will be on display at the Calgary Climbing Centre gyms for the following periods: April 10-16th – Stronghold April 17-23rd – Hanger April 24-30th – Chinook Rules: To enter, buy a bag of coffee from any of the Calgary Climbing Center locations, or on our website between April 10th and April 30th for a chance to win. Note, if you have a current subscription with DHC, this doesn’t include your renewal order. Draw will occur on Monday, May 1st, 2017 and announced on Social Media. Kit Contents: Aeropress, Javamill grinder, MSR Pocket Rocket stove and fuel and some GSI mugs for car camping or backpacking Value: $180…ish!
DHC Coffee Brew Kit
                            Now… on to the first topic

Flavour Potential

When it comes to maximising the flavour potential of your coffee (i.e., achieving each bean’s maximal flavour), one of the most important steps you can take is grind your coffee for each use. If you want further information on grinders please refer to the blog ‘Are Burr Grinders Worth it?‘. But for now, we are simply going to remark on the importance of grinding fresh coffee in order to maximise your coffee’s flavour potential, which will undoubtedly increase your overall enjoyment. When cooking a nice meal, you want to choose the freshest of ingredients, so as to ensure the deepest and richest of flavour profiles for that particular dish, right? And so it is with coffee! If you want to maximise the flavour potential of your coffee, then grinding freshly roasted specialty coffee beans moments before you want brew will absolutely help! All the aromatics in a fine coffee can disappear only 15 minutes after you grind it, so grind for use only! However, when heading off on adventures, there are some considerations that you will need to make, which we will discuss in part 2 and 3 of this series. The point is, you could master all of the coffee brewing methods in the world (and probably make a pretty decent cup, by conventional standards), but if you don’t grind your own freshly roasted coffee, then you’re missing out on a whole world of flavour possibilities that this tasty nectar has to offer!
Always use the freshest beans and grind before use!
                        Next up will be Part 2, and will cover Day Trips, Multi-Day/Backcountry Trips & Vehicle-based adventures. Stay tuned!   Love DHC  
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