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DHC Brew Kit Contest – Part 3

I want to open with a big ol’…. WOW!

I can’t believe how many people have entered this draw. Really. Mind blowing. Thank you! Because of the popularity of this DHC will do some gear reviews on some of the kit so everyone else can have some info on buying decisions to make their own sweet back country kit! Also a big THANK YOU to everyone at the local rope climbing competition at the hanger. There was so much support for our little coffee company and we feel super lucky to be embraced by this amazing community.
DHC and ACAYB at the Calgary Climbing Center Hanger Youth climbing competition

Photo Contest Catch Up:

The last post found here reviewed the kit contents and followed the first topic of flavor potential linked here. HAVE NO FEAR! if you haven’t been following along, or just coming into the fold now, there is still a chance to enter the contest and win the sweet back country multi-purpose, all round awesome specialty coffee brew kit! Whew.. that was a bit much. Ok, on to the last topic, read on!

Vehicle-based Trips:

OK, so finally we get to the part of the discussion that most outdoor enthusiasts have in common – road trips!! We love our road trips. Pack up and get out of town friday after work and have two nights on the road. So many destinations from calgary are within striking distance. The shoulder season is amazing for this as often times driving 3 hours will get you into a totally different weather zone and good weather can ALMOST always be found. Ok, not all the time but that’s where having a sweet coffee set up eases the pain!
Easter 2016 in the Columbia river valley
Road tripping. Skaha, the columbia valley in the shoulder season, Moab and Indian Creek.. Wherever! Vehicle based travel is such a cool way to get away from it all, meet folks from all over the world and just be free to pursue your adventures, whatever they may be. We put our kit together to work for pretty much any trip. A friend was recently in Indian creek and got a bunch of rad photos for us. For this last post in the three part series, it’s more about inspiration.
Always Grind Fresh for use.
  Fresh coffee. Grind for use, use whatever brew method you like. Some folks really like the stove top espresso method as it creates a very stout cup, easy clean up, works on a coleman stove, pretty much anything. It’s a bit heavy, but they are super durable so it works well for vehicle adventures, especially in the morning when sorting gear picking climbs for the day.
Filling up a stove top espresso maker with freshly ground coffee
Stove top espresso makers will last forever.
Yields a super thick and stout cup of coffee. Not actually espresso as lots of folks think!
Devil’s Head Coffee in the Desert via pour over!
  Ok, so here are a couple of quick links to making coffee via a french press and pour over methods. These are also great for car camping and road trips. Whatever you choose, always bring whole bean, freshly roasted coffee, and grind before use.   See you on the road!  
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