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Keep It Wild

The Bow Valley

Canada is a wondrous country. We have vast and varied landscapes and one of the most amazing park systems in the world to help protect them. Over the history of the park, more and more pressures from human activity has actually shrunk the park boundaries,which at one time, included the region in the Bow Valley where Canmore is today. This valley is not only important to the economic livelihood of our vast country (TransCanadaHighway), the local residence and outdoor lovers from all over the world, but to all of the native wildlife as well that really does define our country as being as vast and wild as it is. With ever increasing competition for space, the Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley and the WildSmart Program endeavors to reduce negative human and wildlife interactions by raising awareness of importance on how our interactions directly influence all the other creatures we share space with.

The Initiative

In an effort to raise funds for the WildSmart Program, Keep it Wild Coffee and Devil’s Head Coffee have teamed up to spread the word. We at DHC have created our first custom blend of organic beans from Indonesia and South America to encourage folks to have a cup of coffee, and sit and think about how we interact with wildlife. From each sale of coffee from  the Keep it wild roast from our website, and community events like the Canmore Climbing Festival, $5.00 will be donated to WildSmart to help further their educational programs. This summer especially being the 150th Anniversary of our amazing Country has brought more visitors than ever to the Bow Valley to enjoy its wonder. Now is more important than ever to help raise awareness to keep it wild.


  Adam Barnac has allowed us to share is really cool art on the back of our coffee bags for over a year now. We have continued to share  because we feel it embodies the spirit of what a lot of outdoor enthusiasts seek; the wild and vast nature of ourselves, and our rugged local landscapes. We are so lucky to have this in our back yards.                      
Mother bear protects her three little puppies in the finnish taiga
John E. Marriott has kindly allowed us to share a couple of his amazing photos with you. He has an amazing ability to capture the magic of our local wildlife that we all share space with every day in the Bow Valley. Thanks for reading,and if you feel passionately about this like we do at Devil’s Head Coffee, pick up a bag of Keep it wild today to help support our local wildlife educational programs.   Love.  
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