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Pour Over Coffee – Hario V60

The Hario V 60 brewer is a way to make a really nice pour over coffee. The methodical way to make a single cup of coffee. Patience. Aroma. Grind. Weigh. Measure. Savour. This is one of my favorite ways to make a coffee. It’s insanely easy and super rewarding. A few more steps than pressing the ‘start’ button on most drip machines, the pour over allows 100% control of the extraction process. The Payoff? The journey… and getting intimate with your coffee. All within about 3 minutes. You get to control all the variables, and effect the outcome. It’s easy to do at home, on the road or at the office since it’s ultra portable. So, what are all the moving parts to this brew method? Not many.. and that’s the idea.

How To Brew It

Hario V60 Pour over and Hario Grinder – We’ve covered the importance of a burr grinder, found here ‘Are Burr Grinders Worth it?’. Always grind fresh, just what you need. In this case, 21 grams of coffee, or 3 tablespoons is the place to start. The coarseness should be that of kosher salt. Hario V60 – Makes a clean, very sediment free cup of coffee. Be sure to fold the filter along the seam to allow it to sit in the funnel properly. It’s important to wetten the filter to rinse any paper flavoured residue (true for all paper filters) off. it also pre-heats the cup and pour over, which reduces potential of any sour flavour notes in the cup. Using a kettle capable of controlling the temperature is really important. Water temperature has a huge effect on the overall taste of the coffee. A few degrees Fahrenheit can mask otherwise prominent flavour characteristics. The most common range of temperature is between about 195 to 205 F. A goose neck kettle allows you to easily pour small amounts of water over the coffee to control the rate of flow, and to ensure even saturation of the coffee. You can use a regular kettle, just be sure to pour really slow to allow the water to filter through the coffee, not stirr it up every time you add water.   The overall time to prepare a cup of coffee with the V 60 is only about 3 minutes. Don’t put too much water in the V 60 at any given time, try to keep the water level reasonably consistent. This allows for each volume of water poured to be extracted at the same ratio, and keeps the flavours in the cup consistent. And awesome.     For a quick cup at the office, it really ups your coffee game. With the Hario V 60 Pour over and Slim Grinder weighing in at less than a pound for both, they are ultra portable, and really allows you to take your favorite coffee with you wherever you go.   Enjoy, and Cheers to a great cup of coffee.
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