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Inspiration and Adventure

We at Devil’s Head Coffee work hard so we can play hard. The biggest and baddest mountain park in the country is an hour from our doorstep and getting out and about is the name of the game for us. We like to find and work with inspiring individuals. After all, it’s all about community! Sharing what we learn and find to collectively inspire each other and grow. river-surf1 Adam doing what he loves on the Kananaskis River, Alberta.   We are absolutely proud to announce a partnership between Adam Baranac and Devil’s Head Coffee. Adam is a local Father, husband, teacher, artist and bad ass river surfer! He has inspired many people to work hard and play hard by setting a good example of what we all do. Juggling our daily duties of all the hats we wear, and finding the time to get out and pursue our recreational passions. Adam’s art really captures that adventurous spirit that I think we all strive to find when we go out into the mountains. Adam’s art will be featured on our coffee bags moving forward to help inspire others to get out and do what You love to do. Hopefully it will help You be inspired when You  find the time in between being a parent, role models, community leaders… and yourself! bear Check his art work out on a really sweet clothing line!
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