The Real Big Drip


Ok, so why the weird cliche name for our signature coffee? Well, it has nothing to do with coffee at all. Sort of!

The Real Big Drip is a world famous ice climb in the Ghost – an infamously adventurous park in Alberta, on the front ranges of the Rockies, just north of the TransCanada highway. It’s absolutely the gem route in the area, and it’s huge, difficult, and terrifyingly stunning. I had the chance to climb it with a really good friend a couple of years ago.

Relating it back to coffee – I wanted to showcase as a roaster, what we can do for a drip coffee – big, bold, and highlighting our skills in a way that was really impressive. To me, it really reflected what I thought the climb represented hence the name!


Please enjoy – We are really proud of this blend!

Tasting Notes: very bold filter/drip coffee with flavors of swiss chocolate, full body, super smooth and rich.

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