Tasting Notes: Bold Chocolate and Caramel

Roast Level: Dark

This coffee is for those mornings when you have to wake up and find your flow; this bold coffee kickstarts your day with flavour! CANRVRSUP teaches SUP lessons for a wide range of skillsets. For those just starting out like the DHC Crew, to the 10th st wave in Calgary, and the knarliest water features you can stand up on! Our Full Send coffee is a toast to the adventure inspired by CANRVRSUP.

For each bag purchased, 10% of the sales goes back to support CANRVRSUP to fuel more adventures, and spread the FULL SEND stoke! 

REGION – Northern Peru

FARM – Juan Marco Cooperative

VARIETY – 100% Typica

ALTITUDE – 1400 to 1600 m

PROCESSING METHOD – Sun dried, on patio

RECOMMENDED BREWING METHOD –  Drip, Mocha Pot, and French Press

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