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Coffee & Community


Photo by: Mia Klause

Nope, no one sneezed. Gezelligheid (geh-zel-lig-hide). A Dutch word that I came across in my second year of college when my Friesian roommate summed up the experience I feel when we went to cafés. According to Dutch Amsterdam,  
“literally, it means cozy, quaint, or nice, but can also connote time spent with loved ones, seeing a friend after a long absence, or general togetherness”. Cafés still contain a lot of the fast paced, quick coffee needs and cozy treats for solo studiers and pleasure readers, and while these moments can be exactly what you’re looking for, there’s just something about having coffee with company.

In Her Circle

Jessica Painter popped into our shop one day to share a pretty amazing project she has been building involving community. Jess moved to YYC and faced what many newcomers do when they adjust to a new home. Community withdrawal, seclusion, loneliness, a desire for an inner circle. Whatever you may call it, it’s something that is felt by many. By building a community, that Jess named “In Her Circle”, others in similar situations or those who had been looking for oppurtunities to connect now had a place to start. This beautiful little community of women turned into something bigger. I encourage you to check out her website there there’s more information in how this all started and where it’s at today!

To support Jess and her girl gang for an awesome organized slumber party, we sent her off with some of our coffee. Home brewed coffee, cozied around a loving community after a night of rest and relaxation? Sounds like a recipe for all the warm fuzzies if you ask me.

Thank You

We value community. Our very own community has done so much to support who we are today. I might be new here at Devil’s Head…(Hi, my names Mia by the way, nice to meet you!), but I have met people almost daily who have just poured so much into the core of this roasterie. As a local business it’s important to support our local friends, and I mean it’s pretty fun to do so, especially in the world of coffee. The community is so huge here!

Thank you Jess for connecting with us, we’re so glad to have been made aware and support what you’re doing.
Thank you to our community who support us with a helping hand, encouraging words, or if we need a spotter when we’re climbing all over the rockies.
Grab a pal, get a coffee, and enjoy this lovely weather. Revel in the comfort of community.

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