Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Estate: Washed


Kayon Mountain farm is located in the southern Guji zone of Shakiso. The people are known as Gujii Oromo, and coffee farming has been a core part of the culture in the highland areas. It’s a distinct coffee from Yirga Cheffe, and Sidamo. Geographically, culturally and in terms of cup flavours, these southern coffees have a different flavor profile while maintaining the same general characteristics.

Kayon Mountain farm is family owned and operated, which allows them to sell their coffee direct. Most small farmers obtained their trees from Ethiopian government, and then must sell through the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange. Kayon Mountain farm have built out their own wet and dry milling facilities, handling all post-harvest milling themselves, overseeing quality management and preparation for export. Like most of the country, the farm is planted in regional, distinct local strains of coffees that have spread from the wild forest plants of Western Ethiopia, to Harar in the East and to the southern districts like Guji.

This particular lot was wet processed, meaning that after the cherry is removed from the seed, the sticky mucilage layer that surrounds the bean is removed after fermenting for 24-36 hrs in water before then being removed and laid out to dry on raised drying tables.


Tasting Notes: Honeysuckle florals, peach, pleasing acidity

Recommended Brew Preparation: Pour over and Drip


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