Costa Rica – White Honey Finca V&G San Juanillo


This is a white honey processed coffee, meaning it uses 90% less water than a traditional fully washed process. The coffee cherry skins are removed, but leaves a small layer of the fruit pulp on the beans to dry on raised beds. This lets the beans sweeten by absorbing some of the sugars from the pulp, allowing for a soft acidity and light fruit notes.

The White Honey features a lighter caramelized sweetness and a delicate body. This is an experimental hybrid of varieties that has been developed by CiCafe (coffee research institute in Costa Rica) creating a high quality cup of coffee.

COSTA RICA – West Valley, Finca V&G San Juanillo
Altitude:1500 M
Varietal:  Centroamericano
Process:  Sun dried on raised beds and hand sorted.

Tasting Notes: Honey Roasted Almond, Peach, Jasmine, Clean sweet finish.


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