Our Roasts

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About our Coffee.

Using one piton is more adventurous than using three. That’s why our light roast only has one piton on it and our dark roast has three. With the light roast, it’s guaranteed adventure, and the dark will always be….safer
  DHC Roast levels: Did you know that the darker the coffee is roasted the more homogeneous it’s flavour becomes? Beans will take on a ‘roasted’ taste and lose the unique characters of its origin. With this in mind DHC tends to roast a touch lighter than most. Otherwise the farmers who meticulously pick those beans could feel slighted. Like over cooking a AAA Alberta steak.

lightpitonsLight – The name of the game on our light roasts – First Crack. As coffee roasts it expands and ‘cracks’ similar to pop corn. To preserve as much of the origin flavors as possible we keep our light roasts close to first crack. This is the coffee that will get you out of bed like a shot and on with your day. Especially Monday.

One piton.  

mediumpitonsMedium – Not sure if you like it light or dark? Medium roasted coffee is the marriage of origin flavors and the development of roasted flavors but walks that line in between.

 Two pitons.  

darkpitonsDark –  Our goal for darker roasts is only to procure beans that are ‘meant’ to be roasted a bit darker with a taste profile to match! So, all you dark side lovers out there have no fear. There are lots of delicious opportunities to elevate your day.

Three pitons.

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